Akhil HE Font

Distribution type: Commercial
Font distributor: Fonts.com

Description:  You can use it to typeset text of Hindi Marathi Sanskrit Nepali (and lot of other Indic languages) along with English. It's design is plain and simple sans-serif. IT DISPLAYS LEGIBLE TEXT EVEN WITH SMALL POINT SIZES. Smoth Transition from single pixel to
Categories:  Script   Military   Outline   Christmas (Xmas)   Kids   Antiques   Handwritten   Serif   Sans Serif   Capitals   Non-Latin   Cyrillic   Classic   Fun   Elegant   Cool   Halloween   Retro   Medieval   Initials   Calligraphy   Graffiti   Sport   Logos   Distorted   Comic   Slab Serif   Art Deco   Art Nouveau   Brush   Scientific   Monospaced   Formal Script   Geometric Sans   Grotesque Sans   Humanistic Sans   Multiple Master   Modern Serif   Old Style Serif   Chiseled   Condensed   Ornaments   Small Caps   Inline   Futuristic   Broken   Decorative   Quirky   Images & Symbols   Formal   Pixel   Gothic   Dotted   3D  

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1 comment(s)
Girish Kudale
5/3/2011 2:34:52 PM
I sometimes use this font.
Focus of this font is Devanagari script but Roman characters at small sizes looks great with this font.